Friday, September 18, 2009

Groups' Pointers for Abstract-Writing: Kojo, Mahmoud, Ehsan, and Divya

10 points for a better abstract
(These 10 points are not in any order)

Abstract should be the last one written. If written ahead, must be revised once the entire paper or thesis is written.

Abstract should be completely about our research that’s in that paper of thesis and not some line from or about others research.

Keep your abstract as small as possible and easy to read.

Each sentence by itself should be short. Break long sentences.

Revise your abstract to retain major arguments and not the minor ones.

Abstract size should never exceed 10% of the entire thesis or paper.

Reading an abstract should give a clear picture of your entire work.

There should be at least one paragraph of abstract. If there is more than one paragraph, then they must be well organized and relevant.

Main result should be included in the abstract.

The most important of all, it’s your abstract, read it, look at it and if your satisfied then Yahoo!

After discussion Kojo Anim, Mahmoud Sepehrmanesh, Ehsan Alavi and Divya Suryakumar have come to the conclusion that the above 10 points are important to abstract writing.

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  1. one thing we forgot to add to that 10 point is:
    there should not be any picture, graph, figure or table in an abstract. also it is suggested not to have the name of person when referring to a previous study.