Thursday, September 17, 2009

Groups' Pointers for Abstract-Writing: Maya, Shari, and Shoba

Instructions for writing an abstract

1. Pose the problem and state why it's important
   • State previous work, and why this study is necessary

2. State the method and approach
   • Can sometimes include instrumentation if relevant to results

3. Results
   • Use exact numbers obtained from experiments

4. Interpretation and implications of results

5. Keywords
   • Usually up to six words

For all of the above points:
Do not include references or citations in abstract
Be concise in each of the steps

1 comment:

  1. If the abstract was for paper writing, then I disagree to your first point where you guys have said, "State previous work, and why this study is necessary". The abstract is already so small and it is more important that the reader should know about the paper than the previous work. Off course writing thesis abstract we can include a note about previous work.

    It is nice that you guys thought that a part of the abstract can talk about result. When we (Group 3) were reading some paper, it said that result should not be mentioned in the abstract. We disagreed to it. Off course when the result shows the experiment was a failure then do not include in the abstract. :-)